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Perks KE, Gentner TQ. 2015. Subthreshold membrane responses underlying sparse spiking to natural vocal signals in auditory cortex. European Journal of Neuroscience, 41: 5, 725-733. [pdf]

Comins JA, Gentner TQ. 2014. Auditory temporal pattern learning by songbirds using maximal stimulus diversity and minimal repetition. Animal Cognition, 17, 1023-1030. [pdf]

Kozlov AS, Gentner TQ. 2014. Central auditory neurons display flexible feature recombination functions. Journal of Neurophysiology. [pdf]

Jeanne JM, Sharpee TO, Gentner TQ. 2014. Associative Learning Enhances Population Coding by Inverting Interneuronal Correlation Patterns. Neuron, 78, 352-363. [pdf]