Undergraduate Classes

Psychology 103: Introduction to the Principles of Behavior (4 units)
An introduction to the contemporary study of behavior through consideration of basic psychological processes and brain mechanisms. Topics include perception, operant and Pavlovian conditioning, recognition, memory, and communication. BILD 3 and PSYC 2 recommended.

Psychology 189: Brain, Behavior and Evolution (4 units)
A survey of natural behaviors, including birdsong, prey capture, localization, electro-reception, and echo-location, and the neural systems that control them, emphasizing broad fundamental relationships between brain and behavior across species. Prerequisites: psychology 103 and 106, or permission of instructor. Limit 30 students.

199 Independent Study (2 or 4 credits)
Independent study or research in the lab, under direction of professor Gentner. Prerequisites: GPA 3.0 and 90 units completed. [email Dr. Gentner]

Graduate Seminars

Psychology 207: Behavioral neurobiology of birdsong
Over the last 20 years birdsong has emerged as an important model system for the study of natural vocal behavior from many perspectives. This seminar presents an overview of past and current research on the behavioral and neural mechanisms of song production, learning, and perception.

Psychology 282: Advanced topics in auditory neuroscience
The course offers an opportunity to review current theoretical and empirical issues in the neurobiological and behavioral study of auditory perception and cognition. We'll take a look at recent developments in our understanding of plasticity and signal representation in the auditory system, focusing primarily on cortex. Specific topics will be selected to match the interests of participants.